Body Works

Swedish Massage
(30 min. - $50, 60 min. - $85, 90 min. - $110)

Promotes general relaxation, lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. 

Deep Tissue Massage
(30 min. - $55, 60 min. - $95, 90 min. - $120)

Deeper, slower movements concentrating on areas of tension. Releases fascia and deeper layers of muscle. 

Aromatherapy Massage
(60 min. - $95, 90 min. - $115)

A relaxing Swedish massage that incorporates essential oils. A great way to relax and relieve stress.

Pre-Natal Massage
(60 min. - $90, 90 min. - $130)

A comforting massage to relieve muscular aches and pains that accompany the duration of pregnancy. Must be past first trimester. 

Hot Stone Massage
(60 min. - $100, 90 min. - $135)

A relaxing massage combined with heat therapy. Polished stones are warmed and used during this massage. 

Couples Massage
(60 min. - $190, 90 min. - $240)

Pamper yourselves as you enjoy a massage for two in the same room. Two clients/ two therapists. 

Stress Relieving Treatment
(30 min. - $55)

Soothing neck and scalp massage for a quick fix.

Foot Reflexology
(30 min. - $55)

Specific pressure point foot massage revitalizing the entire body.

Soothe My Soles
(50 min. - $60)

Exfoliation treatment of the feet and foot reflexology. 

Sinus Relief Add-on
(15 min. - $20)

Body Therapies

Spa Capsule Session- 30min.-$35

Enjoy a private relaxing sauna treatment. Jump start your weight loss program. Can be customaized for detoxification, weight loss, relaxation, and pain relief.

Moor & Dead Sea Mud Wrap- 60min.-$100

A unique mud mixture and herbal extracts that rejuvenate skin and muscles, increase circulation and includes lymphatic drainage. Relax in the Alpha Capsule and feel rejuvenated. 

Hydro Whirlpool- 30min.-$35

A private tub treatment with relaxing Ashero Spa bath salts customaized for your needs. 

Swedish Miracle Wrap- 90min.-$135

Lose inches! This treatment uses the art of pressure wrapping and masking using the finest natural products available to tighten, contour and detoxify your body while amino nutrients nourish and moisturize your skin. We do provide disposable undergarments however you are welcome to bring your own. We suggest you avoid carbonation, alcohol, and sodium. We suggest that you do not shower for at least 6 hours after service. Please schedule this service within no more than 2 days of your special event. 

Body Polish- 30min.-$55

Utilizes exfoliationg salts and essential oils to revitalize the skin. Pre-treat for self-tanning. 

Body Polish with 30 min. massage- $85
Body Polish with Body Bronzer- $70

The Skin Nourisher- 60min.-$95

Complete body exfoliation than an application of warm shea butter is massaged into your skin to hydrate and replenish dry, overstressed skin. 

Head and Feet Retreat- 60min.-$85

This relaxing service includes exfoliation and massage of the feet, warm paraffin foot treatment, head, neck, and shoulder massage.